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Free your MMMMind

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Free your MMMMind
 is a web experience made for the promotion of the famed party organised by Mediamonks & MassiveMusic at the Cannes Lions 2018, in France.
This project has been designed as part of my internship at Mediamonks, in Hilversum (Netherlands).


The goal is to offer invitations to guests with a funny interactive web experience before the party.
The experience is a test to define if a guest is either mindfull or mindless; by using face recognition and showing funny internet culture things, the experience will test users' ability to concentrate.

On this example, you have to stay focused on the art director in the middle of the screen, while everything is moving around.

The results are classified by colors, the users can navigate thanks to a gradient slider, to understand the meaning of each color.

Lots of elements of the website visual design were used during the event, to create the scenography and screen animation.
Click here to see the After Movie Video


Design Lead : Kjegwan Leihitu
UI Design : Henry Stift/ Bas Van den Honk/Adrien Milcent
Animation & development : MEDIAMONKS
Sound Design : Massive Music